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Greens Senators in South East NSW – plan to step up call to end logging of native forests

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 7 Oct 2015

MEDIA RELEASE 7 October 2015

Following a three day visit to NSW’s South East forests Greens Senators Lee Rhiannon and Janet Rice have said that the trip was a great success with considerable evidence gathered on why ending logging of native forests should be a key focus in the coming federal election.

“The evidence is overwhelming that it is time to end the logging of our native forests and we will be working hard to inject this as a key issue in the coming federal election campaign,” Senator Rhiannon said.

“NSW native forests like Nullica and Glenbog State Forests have been left vulnerable because of the serious weaknesses in the Regional Forest Agreements that cover the management of these areas.

“At Nullica State Forest we saw Spotted Tail Quoll habitat legally destroyed under the local Regional Forest Agreement despite the fact that this quoll is listed under the Environmental Protection, Biodiversity and Conservation Act as an endangered species.

“We also saw widespread cruelty and destruction of the habitat and burrows of Bare-Nosed Wombats in the Glenbog State Forest.

“Ray and Marie Wynan's work at the Jarake Wildlife Sanctuary has saved many wombats and their actions have forced State Forests to change some of their destructive logging practices.

“The Greens warmly congratulate Ray and Marie Wynan on their continued efforts to protect these amazing animals. “The economic and environmental vandalism of native forest logging must end.

“The Greens are calling on state and federal governments to support sustainable, secure, well-paid jobs in plantation, tourism and other industries beneficial to the region,” Senator Rhiannon said.

The trip was the first visit to these forests by the Australian Greens forests spokesperson Senator Janet Rice, and is part of a national tour of Australia’s threatened native forests.

"The same story is playing out around the country and it’s time to end the destruction,” said Senator Rice. “Over 90% of the wood from these logging areas is going straight to the woodchip mill at Eden for export.

“This miniscule return from woodchips is coming at the cost of our tourism and recreation industries, our wildlife, our clean air and water and our carbon stores.

“Native forest logging is the rump of the wood products industry, with 85% of all wood in Australia coming from plantations

“We need to act so this incredibly inefficient and destructive practice of the past is ended.”


Senator Rhiannon– Freya 0487 350 880

Senator Rice – Sam Drummond 0400 352 935

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