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Greens Senator Rhiannon speaks in support of Sydney Uni two day staff strike

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 26 Mar 2013

WHAT: Australian Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon will join academics and students to speak at a Sydney University picket line this afternoon

WHERE: Sydney Uni gates on City Road (cnr Eastern Avenue)

WHEN: From 4:30pm TODAY 26 March 2013

PHOTO OPP: Senator Rhiannon, academics, students and banners at university gates. Photos available on request.

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon said: "Attempts by Sydney University management to drive down employment conditions will short-change students and undermine research outcomes.  It is disappointing that university management has not been able to reach agreement with the NTEU after seven long months of negotiating.

"The NTEU and staff at Sydney University have not taken the decision to strike lightly and I look forward to joining them on the picket line.

"The pressures on staff and students at Sydney University are not unique to this campus and the two-day strike is taking an important stand for the quality of education and research at universities around Australia.

"Around Australia, researchers and academics are struggling to make ends meet on short-term, part-time and precarious employment contracts. A dissatisfied and insecure work force is no recipe for making Australian universities world-class teaching and research institutions" said Senator Rhiannon. 



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