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Greens secure Senate support for Western NSW solar initiative

The Australian Senate has unanimously passed a Greens motion supporting the Solar Energy eXchange Initiative in western New South Wales. 

“Western NSW is the ideal place to harness the power of the sun to benefit local residents, the economy and the environment,” said Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon.

“This project has already secured the support of 24 local councils and 4 regional council organisations because of its potential to boost local economies. It can help create local jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the need for investment in transmission and distribution infrastructure and, in the long run, reduce power bills.

“After failing to support the initiative in the Senate last year, we’re delighted that Labor and the Coalition have finally backed their colleagues in the NSW Upper House and western NSW councils,” Senator Rhiannon said.

Matt Parmeter, co-ordinator of the Solar Energy eXchange Initiative, said he was pleased that the Senate has finally backed the project.

“Winning Senate support for SEXI will give the project a big boost.

“This proposal is about kickstarting a future multi-billion dollar industry for inland NSW, that will eventually supply solar electricity to Sydney and Melbourne.

“The Solar Energy eXchange Initiative will be a win-win for councils and their communities. Local economies will receive a boost and household bills will stabilise and reduce in the long-term.

“With the price of solar technologies falling, now is the time for Australia to move to a low-carbon, jobs-rich future. This project will help Western NSW lead the way.”

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