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Greens recommit to ending live animal exports

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 2 Oct 2013

Responding to Prime Minister Abbott’s agreement to increase the quota of animals that will suffer as part of the live cattle trade to Indonesia, the Greens will make ending live exports and establishing an independent Office of Animal Welfare, a post-election priority.

Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “I will reintroduce the Greens bills to end the live export trade and set up the independent Office of Animal Welfare when parliament resumes”.

“Hundreds of thousands of Australians are outraged by the cruelty animals endure in the live export trade.  It is obscene that Tony Abbott has ignored the exposes of barbaric conditions inherent in the trade and the deep distress Australians feel about it.  

“It is clear, that like the last Government, this one too has no interest in treating animals humanely. 

“The answer to the live export trade is the substitution of chilled boxed meat exports to our overseas markets. 

“A highly successful chilled meat export industry will serve to boost the Australian cattle industry by providing greater market certainty, increased employment, as well as improved animal welfare.

“The previous government’s ESCAS model is a failed and unworkable system as the humane slaughter of Australian animals cannot be controlled from a desk in Canberra.  This regulatory system has not stopped the appalling treatment of exported animals as witnessed in numerous news reports.

“The Office that the Greens are proposing will be guided by the advice of an Animal Welfare Advisory Committee including experts in animal welfare, consumer groups, scientists and ethicists,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

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