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The Greens' Plan for Public Transport in Sydney

The Greens’ plan to redirect Sydney’s $2.2 billion motorway funding and boost light rail

The Australian Greens have announced a plan that will re-direct $2.2 billion of federal funds from motorways into a new Western Sydney light rail network to Parramatta CBD and a new Inner West light rail network.

Sydney’s ailing public transport and chronic traffic jams put enormous pressure on people’s daily lives and cost commuters and businesses billions in lost productivity. Congestion is costing our economy around $5.1 billion each year – expected to rise to $8.8 billion a year by 2021

The Greens will stop funding new private urban motorways, which just induce more traffic and push road tolls onto motorists to deliver profits for the banks and road developers. Our transport vision is to build new public transport services - trains, buses and light rail - and safe bicycle and pedestrian routes. We can make our cities better places to live and work, create a healthier lifestyle and increase productivity.

Both the federal and NSW governments are backing the WestConnex private motorway project which will take 10 years to build, will not ease western Sydney traffic congestion, and will dump more cars and more air pollution into Sydney’s inner west.

This year the federal government announced its nation building infrastructure fund would give $2.2 billion to the privately owned and operated M2, M4, and M5 motorways:

  • $1.8 billion for WestConnex M4 and M5 extension;
  • $400 million for M2-F3 upgrade. 

The Greens will re-direct $2.2 billion of federal funds from motorways into:

  • A new Western Sydney light rail network to Parramatta CBD - Estimated cost $1.7 billion.
  • A new Inner West light rail network, first leg from Central to Leichhardt - Estimated cost $500 million.

You can read the details of our Sydney transport package here.
Find out more about the Parramatta light rail network here.

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