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Greens in Illawarra to discuss public transport plan

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 6 Jun 2016

Today Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon will join Greens candidate for Whitlam Tom Hunt to discuss the Greens’ pollution-busting transport plan.

The Australian Greens transport plan would inject $10 billion over four years into public transport. This includes $500 million nationwide for greener buses – $125 million in NSW – in subsidies for bus fleets to upgrade to hybrid or electric buses.

The Greens clean bus subsidy could put up to 834 hybrid and electric buses on the roads in NSW. This would reduce carbon emissions and remove polluting diesel particulate matter from our streets and communities.

Greens candidate for Whitlam Tom Hunt said, “Our region desperately needs better public transport. 

“It is well past time to invest in High Speed Rail along our east coast, but equally our local lines need to be upgraded, and services increased to meet 21st century needs. Meanwhile every train station should be accessible to those who push prams or have mobility or visual disabilities. 

“We should also be building better bikepaths and footpaths and encouraging people to use active transport options wherever possible. The Greens would establish an Active Transport Fund worth $250 million annually, to invest in cycling and walking in Australia.

The Greens also have announced a fully costed plan to encourage road users to switch to electric cars. Under the plan, NSW would have nearly 10,000 electric vehicles and 100 charging stations by 2021 and many more across Australia.

Registration under the Greens scheme would be free for the first five years after purchase of a fully electric vehicle. $151 million in grants would be given to support local and state governments, as well as car park operators to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This would provide new jobs in the Illawarra and across the country.

“Electric vehicles powered from renewables will be vital to our clean-energy powered future.

“I have been able to convert my own Toyota Prius hybrid into a "plug-in" enabling it to run the first 50 km without fuel.” explained Tom Hunt. “Not a simple conversion, but it works very effectively and ideal for all the short trips we make. It shows what is possible, and better factory made "plug in" hybrids are starting to come onto the Australian market, along with full electric cars having a greater range between charges, while prices are dropping.

Greens candidate for Cunningham Cath Blakey said, “Our transport sector makes up 17.4% of our national greenhouse emissions. The Greens are the only parliamentary party with viable, innovation solutions to transform our transport sector.

“While the Coalition and Labor call for more polluting toll roads, the Greens want to see big investments in pollution free electric, public and active transport, fit for the 21st century.

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