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Greens electric car plan – jobs boost for Riverina

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 19 May 2016

The Greens Riverina candidate and Greens NSW Senator Lee said the Greens national electric car plan will bring great benefits to people in the Riverina, particularly in terms of local jobs growth.

Under the recently announced Greens plan to build pollution free transport future, New South Wales would have over nine thousand electric vehicles in the state by 2021. 

According to the Greens plan for electric vehicles, NSW would have 9, 269 electric vehicles and 100 charging stations. 

Registration under the Greens scheme would be free for the first five years after purchase of a fully electric vehicle. $151 million in grants would be given to support local and state governments, as well as car park operators to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

Under the scheme, across Australia there would be 31,000 more electric vehicles on the road by 2021 and 330 more charging stations across Australia.

The plan will also provide:

  • $50 million nationally in grants to support government and non-government organisations to meet the gap between the cost on electric vehicle and a conventional vehicle.
  • Increasing the luxury car tax to 50 per cent for conventional fossil fuel vehicles over $100,000 to provide to drive consumer choices towards electric vehicles.
  • Including firms involved in electric vehicle manufacturing in the government’s Automotive Transformation Scheme to grow the jobs and skills in the new electric vehicle industry.

Greens candidate for Riverina, Kevin Poynter, said ‘Many people in rural and regional New South Wales rely on cars for their daily transport needs  and we should be looking to innovative schemes like this to promote a pollution free future for transport. 

‘The Greens will provide opportunity for regional communities to shift to pollution free alternatives by providing local and state government grants and offering free registration to new owners.

‘Early adoption of this technology would see communities in the Riverina cement their reputation as innovators, clean producers, transport hubs and destinations of choice. That can only be good for building a broadband stable economic base. 

‘The installation and ongoing servicing of electric vehicle charging infrastructure would also provide local jobs in the region. 

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said ‘Like solar power, electric vehicles are the way of the future. Both are now also becoming cheaper, and the Greens want to see that growing market supported by the government. 

‘Our transport sector accounts for 17.4% of our national greenhouse emissions, and we need to move our vehicles off fossil fuels and onto renewable energy.

‘Having over nine thousand electric vehicles using renewable energy across New South Wales and 31,000 across the country by 2021 would be a great development. 

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