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Greens call for ban on exotic animals in circuses

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 7 Jun 2017
Greens NSW MP and Animal Welfare spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC and Senator Lee Rhiannon have called for a ban on wild and exotic animals in circuses in New South Wales. The Stardust Circus, which includes lions and monkeys, will set up in Castle Hill and Rosehill over the coming months.
Dr Faruqi said:
“Wild and exotic animals have no place in circuses. There is absolutely no reason to keep lions in captivity to perform tricks for crowds. Most circuses have moved on from using animals like lions and monkeys for entertainment and its time Stardust does as well.
“Animal circuses play no part in conservation or education, and are an archaic tradition which has no place in modern Australia.
“Councils across the state are banning wild animals in circuses but to be truly comprehensive we need to see a state-wide ban” she concluded.
Australian Greens federal animal welfare spokesperson, Senator Rhiannon, backed Dr Faruqi’s call for a ban on wild animals being used in circuses. Senator Rhiannon said:
“21st century circuses will have an even stronger future if they end all wild animal acts. More and more people recognise that those animals have rights that should be upheld.
“Stardust would win public acclaim if they retired their wild animals and no longer used them as circus acts.
“We can have a win-win here. A win for the animals by ending the exploitation and cruelty, and a win for circuses as they would be revitalised and respected for such a decision.”
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