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Greens accuse Pyne of classic misdirection

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 25 Sep 2013


Greens spokesperson for Higher Education, Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

“New Minister for Education Christopher Pyne is injecting uncertainty into the higher education sector as a smokescreen for his intention to legislate $2.3 billion worth of cuts to universities and student welfare.

“It’s good to see the Minister backtrack from the statements that suggested he would axe participation targets designed to encourage students from low-income and disadvantaged backgrounds to attend university and immediately scrap the Student Services and Amenities Fee. We will hold him to account on both. 

“Christopher Pyne is correct that university quality is suffering – but that is directly a result of underfunding in the sector. 

“Instead of ripping billions of dollars out universities, the Minister needs to implement the recommendations of the Bradley Review and boost base funding by 10% and reverse the $2.3 billion cuts. The Greens will continue to campaign on this.  

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