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Greens: abattoir cruelty in Israel more evidence of need to end live exports

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 12 Dec 2012

The Minister for Agriculture Joe Ludwig can no longer brush off mounting evidence of the inability of the government's new live exports regulatory system to end animal cruelty as witnessed on last night's report on ABC TV 7.30 which focused on the Israeli Bakar Tnuva abattoir, says Australian Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon.

"Shocking footage taken by an animal welfare campaigner again puts in stark relief the inability of the ESCAS scheme to guard against cruelty in overseas abattoirs," Senator Rhiannon.

"The Deputy Secretary of the Department of Agriculture Mr Phillip Glyde says what the footage showed was 'not acceptable - but it doesn't mean that the system's not working'.

"Mr Glyde is right in identifying that any system has failures, but when the failures are as numerous as this it is time to end live exports and move to building Australia's domestic meat processing industry which will also boost the economy.

"No amount of 'independent' auditing or calm words from the Minister can mend a system that is fundamentally flawed. Australia must make the transition away from live exports as soon as possible," Senator Rhiannon said.

More information: Greens' Bill to End Live Exports. 

Greens' Live Exports transition plan - building domestic meat processing.

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