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Giving a Voice to Animals

Lee Rhiannon 29 Aug 2013

The Greens’ plan to care for animals and establish an Office of Animal Welfare

How we treat animals is an indicator of a caring society. The live export trade has been shown to be a cruel and inhumane industry.  There is a sustainable alternative.

For decades Australian animal welfare groups and the media have exposed witnessed horrific scenes of the brutality suffered by our exported livestock in various receiving countries. The Australian Greens have a bill before the Parliament, the Live Animal Export (Slaughter) Prohibition Bill, which would end live exports and the related cruelty.

The Australian Greens also have a bill into the Parliament to establish an independent Office of Animal Welfare. The Voice for Animals (Independent Office of Animal Welfare) Bill will establish an animal welfare champion to promote and oversee animal welfare. 

The Greens will continue to work with animal welfare organisations and those in the community who stand up for animal rights to ensure that that the government cares for animals.

Read our detailed animal welfare initiative here.

Read more about The Greens' work on live animal exports here.

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