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Ex Mayor Jeff McCloy loses high court bid - time for federal Govt to ban toxic political donations.

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 7 Oct 2015

The Greens are calling on Prime Minister Turnbull to support legislation for a ban on political donations from select industries following former Newcastle Mayor Jeff McCloy's defeat in the High Court today.

"The High court's decision to uphold a NSW ban on political donations from the developer, tobacco, gambling and alcohol industries is good news for democracy," said Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon.

"In rejecting the application by former Newcastle Mayor McCloy, the High Court has put the spotlight back on the corrupting influence of political donations. The Court could see that the NSW law is aimed at preventing corruption.

"A federally legislated ban on political donations from developers, tobacco, alcohol, gambling and mining industries, which are perceived as having an inappropriate influence on decision makers, would help clean up politics.

"The Greens' Donations Reform Bill that would ban political donations from developer, tobacco, alcohol, gambling and also mining industries is before parliament and deserves support from all sides of politics.

"Such a move by Prime Minister Turnbull before the next election would help restore public confidence in the work of government, ministers and MPs, which has been crushed as a result of a continuous stream of corruption cases in NSW.

"Now that the High Court has rejected the argument that the NSW law breached an implied freedom of communication in the constitution, the federal government has no excuses if it fails to back a ban on these types of donations," said Senator Rhiannon.

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