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Lee Rhiannon 21 Mar 2018

Monday, 26 February

Yerriyong motorcycling complex

Senator RHIANNON: My questions concern a development down in the Shoalhaven area—the Yerriyong motorcycling complex. There was $10 million secured in a grant for this complex. I wanted to ask some questions about it because development had not been given.

Ms Hall: Senator, I think this is actually a regional funding program. It's not infrastructure investment—road and rail.

Senator RHIANNON: Someone just arrived at the table. I was hopeful.

Ms Hall: Because it was a New South Wales project we thought it might be a New South Wales road or rail project, but it's not; sorry.

Senator RHIANNON: It's not, so I have to ask it in regional?

Dr Kennedy: No, it is in this estimates but we have sent our regional people home on the advice of the committee. I suspect that if the committee decides to have a spillover then there'll be questions of the regional area of the department and that's where these types of grants are handled. I apologise, Senator.

Senator RHIANNON: Thank you.

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