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Lee Rhiannon 24 May 2017

Monday 22 May

Senator RHIANNON: Can I just check if my questions can be asked here?

ACTING CHAIR: Certainly, Senator Rhiannon.

Senator RHIANNON: My questions are about the National Housing Infrastructure Facility. Can I ask them in this section?

Mr Mrdak: No, we have not been involved in that program, Senator, I am sorry.

Senator RHIANNON: I have just been given advice that people are not sure where it will land. Can anybody advise me on my next move? I did get an email saying to try this section.

Mr Mrdak: No, Senator, it is not—

Senator RHIANNON: It is definitely not you?

 Mr Mrdak: At this stage, the housing affordability work is being handled by the Prime Minister's department and Treasury. We have not been prescribed that program or that further work as such.

Senator RHIANNON: Thank you very much

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