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Estimates: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee (staff numbers)

Lee questions the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on staffing numbers at the Office of Development Effectiveness and the innovationXchange in DFAT.

Senator RHIANNON: ...I want to move on to some general aid questions. How many full-time equivalent staff currently work in the innovationXchange branch?

Mr McDonald: I think it is 10-

Senator RHIANNON: Ten?

Mr McDonald: full-time equivalents. Yes.

Senator RHIANNON: You said 'you think'. Does that mean-

Mr McDonald: I will confirm that in writing. Ms Rauter might be able to confirm now, but it is 10, I think.

Senator RHIANNON: Okay. How many full-time equivalent staff are in the innovationXchange branch; and how many FTE staff are in the Office of Development Effectiveness, please?

Ms Rauter: I can confirm that there are 10 FTE in innovationXchange.

Mr McDonald: In relation to the Office of Development Effectiveness, I am pretty sure it is 14 or 13-one or the other. I will confirm that in a moment for you.

Senator RHIANNON: Also, could you inform us-now, hopefully-how this compares to the FTE just prior to the integration in 2013?

Mr McDonald: I would have to take that on notice. But, as you know, the aid budget is at a different level to what it was at integration. There are fewer staff in the organisation, so there would be fewer staff in ODE.

Senator RHIANNON: Yes. I am just after the comparison.

Mr McDonald: I think there are three of four fewer than there were previously in ODE, the Office of Development Effectiveness. In terms of the innovationXchange, it was not in existence at that time.

Senator RHIANNON: No. But you will take that on notice so we get the exact figures?

Mr McDonald: Yes, I will.

Senator RHIANNON: Thank you...

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