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Estimates: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee (Foreign Affairs and Trade Portfolio)

Senator RHIANNON: I now want to move on to issues to do with global health programs.

Senator McEWEN: Senator Rhiannon, just while we are finding someone to answer those questions for you, the mysterious $800,000 was in DFAT's answer to QON 409. It was the amount that had been spent on consultancies for IT integration to date. So perhaps you could take on notice, Mr Varghese, whether that amount is still the same or whether or not it has increased.

Mr Varghese : I am happy to do that.

Senator RHIANNON: What decision has been made concerning funding for GAVI, the global health program's vaccines alliance, for this year and next year?

Mr McDonald : Next year there is a new replenishment and no decision has yet been taken in that regard. In relation to funding this year, Ms Walsh should be able to tell you the amount that has been paid.

Ms Walsh : Senator, you will be aware that replenishments to GAVI are done over a multi-year agenda. The amount allocated in the current replenishment period, which takes us from 2011 to 2015, is $200 million.

Senator RHIANNON: Has the department been tracking funding commitments made by other governments to GAVI in the lead-up to the replenishment conference on 27 January 2016 in Berlin?

Ms Walsh : Yes, we have-although most countries are yet to announce their replenishment amounts, which is quite normal this far out from a replenishment event.

Senator RHIANNON: Can you provide any details, particularly on the increases to previous commitments?

Ms Walsh : Not specifically, but I can take it on notice and check whether we have confirmed announcements from ministers or appropriate representatives of government.

Senator RHIANNON: If you have them you are able to provide them?

Ms Walsh : If the government in question has made that publicly available I am happy to pass that on.

Mr McDonald : And most of it is done at the replenishment event itself. That is where most of the donors will make their announcements.

Senator RHIANNON: What is the time frame for a decision being made concerning Australia's pledge at the Berlin conference?

Ms Walsh : That is up to the Foreign Minister.

Senator RHIANNON: So we just have to wait until the minister makes the announcement. How far out from the conference is that usually done?

Ms Walsh : Again, that is entirely up to the minister.

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