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Estimates: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee (Australia-Indonesia education partnership)

Senator RHIANNON: Thank you. I would like to move on to Indonesia. The web page for the Australia-Indonesia education partnership notes $524 million in funding for this program is under revision following consultation with partners. What is the status of these consultations and will funding for this program be reduced?

Mr Cox: Could you repeat the name of the program that you are referring to?

Senator RHIANNON: It is on your web page: Australia-Indonesia education partnership. I can give you the web page if you want, if that helps. But you note, under the bit about this partnership, $524 million in funding for this program and it states:

... under revision following consultation with partners ...

So my question was: what is the status of these consultations?

Mr Cox: I have some notes about that, and I will give you an update on the status.

Senator RHIANNON: While you are looking at your notes, I am also after an answer on: will funding for the program be reduced? Could you deal with those two matters please?

Mr Cox: The programs are being reviewed consistent with the reductions in the aid program. There are various elements of our program with Indonesia on the education program. On the program on performance oversight and monitoring of the Indonesian school system, that program has been extended for one year at no cost. So part of that program has been continued, but there has been no cost extension to it. There are other elements of the education program as well. I think probably what I had better do is get the rest of that for you on notice. Certainly, that program is currently under review and there will be reductions to it. The main objective of the program is now to focus on improving the quality of the skills of teachers and curriculum and to move away from building of school buildings. So, in discussions with the Indonesian government, we have agreed with them that the focus of the program will shift to teacher quality, teacher education, curriculum design, results and outcomes, and we will reduce the program of school building that was the main focus of that program in the past. So the cost reductions will go to the cutting of the school building element and we will now focus more of our resources on technical advice to improve teacher quality and educational outcomes for students.

Senator RHIANNON: Can you give us a dollar amount on how much is being capped, please?

Mr Cox: Yes, I will get that for you on notice.

Senator RHIANNON: Thank you...

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