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Lee Rhiannon 16 Mar 2018

Monday, 26 February 2018


CHAIR: Senator Rhiannon.

Senator RHIANNON: I go to kangaroos. How many kangaroos have been shot in Victoria under the so called Kangaroo Pet Food Trial?

Mr Knudson: Unfortunately, I think that would have been for our colleagues earlier today.

Senator RHIANNON: I'll keep going. We haven't got numbers?

Mr Tregurtha: I've just confirmed with my colleague that the Commonwealth has not received any referral from Victoria in relation to any culling of kangaroos.

Senator RHIANNON: This is about the pet food trial. It's not culling; it's killing for commercial reasons.

Mr Tregurtha: Under the EPBC Act, there's been no referral from the state of Victoria in relation to anything to do with kangaroo pet food trials.

Senator RHIANNON: But I understand that the minister signed off in 2015 and then earlier this year. In 2015—

Mr Knudson: After talking to one of my colleagues, if this is about the export of kangaroo meat, in effect, that would be dealt with by a different section of the department—one that was here earlier today. Unfortunately, all I can offer at this point, in terms of making sure you get the answers to your questions, would be to take those on notice and come back to you on those.

Senator RHIANNON: Can I just persist because of where these questions go? They also go to kangaroo skins and how this has all been regulated. Can I just try and see—

Mr Knudson: I suspect it's still about the export—correct—of those kangaroo skins?

Senator RHIANNON: I'm actually talking about regulation. The 2015 approval—and that was under environment minister Greg Hunt—approved the international export of skins from kangaroos shot under the auspices of the Victorian so-called pet food trial. I'm trying to understand how the regulations work. The approval is given for pet food, but what's being exported is the skins.

Mr Knudson: I understand the question that you're asking, but unfortunately—

Senator RHIANNON: You can't do it?

Mr Knudson: the officers aren't here. As I understand it—just to make sure I have the correct intention— you're asking about a pet food approval for exportation, but how does that also include kangaroo skins?

Senator RHIANNON: Yes, because I understood it was a pet food trial and not a skin export trial, but all the skins have been stockpiled.

Mr Knudson: We're very happy to come back on notice on that.

Senator RHIANNON: Thank you, Chair. That was easy, wasn't it?

CHAIR: That was very straightforward. Excellent.

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