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Lee Rhiannon 26 May 2017

Monday 22 May

Senator RHIANNON: I understand that recommendations from the Australian National Audit Office when they undertook the audit into the management and compliance arrangements of the Department of the Environment and Energy for governing the wildlife trade have all been adopted. I wanted to ask some questions about that.

Mr Knudson: Unfortunately, that section of the department is 1.4.

Senator RHIANNON: You're not serious! Mr Knudson: It is Mr Murphy. That being said, if you have specific questions that you want to table on notice, we can definitely deal with that.

Senator RHIANNON: Seriously; he is not here?

Mr Knudson: That is correct. I am sorry about that.

CHAIR: Is there anyone else who can answer Senator Rhiannon's question?

Dr de Brouwer: Mr Murphy is the expert.

Senator RHIANNON: Okay. Can we do platypuses? I asked some question about platypuses last time. They said that two platypuses were proposed to go from Taronga Zoo to San Diego Zoo. Can I ask about that please?

Dr de Brouwer: That is wildlife trade.

Senator RHIANNON: So it is not this one either? Mr Knudson: No. Sorry.

Dr de Brouwer: It is 1.4.

Senator RHIANNON: Okay. I have quite a few questions about how the recommendation was going and platypuses. If they are 1.4—

CHAIR: I do have some sympathy with Senator Rhiannon because she had been patiently here when we did go through 1.4. Are you able to put these on notice?

Senator RHIANNON: It looks like I have to if the people are not here. 

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