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Estimates: Bsafe

Estimates & Committees
Lee Rhiannon 23 May 2012

Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee

Estimates hearings, 23 May 2012

Attorney-General's Department

  • Mr Roger Wilkins AO, Secretary
  • Mr Kym Duggan, First Assistant Secretary, Social Inclusion Division

Full transcript available here

Senator RHIANNON: Was the three-year pilot Bsafe program that was funded by an AT grant a highly successful program that greatly reduced the risk of domestic violence for victims in the regional community where it was trialled?

Mr Wilkins: We might have to take this on notice.

Senator RHIANNON: Seriously? That would be quite tragic. It is one of your programs. You funded it. It was trialled in Victoria. It is definitely the Attorney-General's. We have been negotiating with the Attorney-General's office on a motion before the upper house for months now.

Mr Wilkins: What is the program? What does it do?

Senator RHIANNON: It is a domestic violence program that has been seen as highly successful at reducing the risk of domestic violence for victims in regional areas.

Mr Duggan: Is it Indigenous based?

Senator RHIANNON: No, regional. Regional Victoria is where you have been trialling it.

CHAIR: What is the name of the program?

Senator RHIANNON: Bsafe.

CHAIR: It is not funded through FaHCSIA?

Senator RHIANNON: No; definitely through A-G's. We have got a motion in the Senate and we have been negotiating with the A-G's department about it. That is why we have come here.

Mr Wilkins: Is it a state government program?

Senator RHIANNON: No. It is definitely funded by you.

Mr Wilkins: If you can give me as many particulars as you can, I will try and determine if we have got something to do with it.

CHAIR: Senator Rhiannon, you do not know what specific funding it comes under?

Senator RHIANNON: I do know. I am just trying to find the best information. We contacted the A-G's office in February 2012, via Jason Clare's office. We have been having extensive negotiations about this.

Mr Wilkins: Maybe it is a proceeds of crime grant.

Senator RHIANNON: I do not know how it would be proceeds of crime. It has got to do with women and children. It is a highly successful program that you have discontinued funding. The funding was provided under the National Community Crime Prevention Program.

Mr Wilkins: National prevention of crime is actually under proceeds of crime, which is group 3 tomorrow.

Senator RHIANNON: I was told to come to group 2.

Mr Wilkins: It is done under proceeds of crime. It is a grant and it is something which would be dealt with in group 3. We can do it tomorrow. If you want to give us the detailed questions, we can at least get prepared.

Senator RHIANNON: Excellent. I will do that and we will do it tomorrow. Thank you for clearing that up.

CHAIR: That will be after dinner tomorrow. Do you have any other questions, Senator Rhiannon?

Senator RHIANNON: No. It is all about Bsafe.

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