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Estimates: Australian Rail Track Corporation

Estimates & Committees
Lee Rhiannon 14 Feb 2012

Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee

Estimates hearings, 14 February 2012

Mr John Fullerton, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Rail Track Corporation

Full transcript available here

Senator RHIANNON: I would like to pick up on the Southern Sydney Freight Line. There were some responses to Senator Joyce a moment ago. What is the most recent estimate for the completion of the Southern Sydney Freight Line—I want to confirm that I heard correctly—I think you said January 2013?

Mr Fullerton: We expect it to be operating in January 2013.

Senator RHIANNON: Could you provide a breakdown of spending on this freight line—I was interested in maybe taking it on notice—by financial year and by spending category, and including there construction design and consultancy services? I was interested in having that understanding. Would it be best to take that on notice? Maybe if you can take that on notice because I thought that what I had read is that the 49 trains set out on page 6 were actual trains, so I am trying to understand what the average train movements per day in the Hunter Valley are and why there has been any discrepancy; if you could take that on notice, please.

Mr Fullerton: It may also referring to return trains; the 49 trains might be loaded trains versus the 88 which could be trains in both directions, but I will check that for you.

Senator RHIANNON: Thank you.

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