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Don’t want the PM to cut aid in next week’s Budget?

Tweet the PM @JuliaGillard with the hashtag #dontcutaid and join the thousands who are telling the government to stand by its promise to increase foreign aid. If you’re not on Twitter, send the Prime Minister an email.

In November 2011 Labor and the Coalition backed a motion from Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon reaffirming a bipartisan commitment to increase the foreign aid budget to at least 0.5 per cent of gross national income (GNI) by 2015. Next week the Greens will again move in the Senate to reaffirm the commitment to this target.

The numbers are stark: 18 of our 20 nearest neighbours are developing countries. In East Timor, 1 in 44 women die in childbirth.  Around the world 22,000 children under five die every single day. Next week’s budget risks putting Labor’s political promise to reach a surplus ahead of the needs of the world’s poorest people. The UN target to reduce global poverty and provide sufficient resources to meet the Millennium Development Goals calls for rich countries to devote 0.7 per cent of GNI to overseas aid. This is Greens policy.

Australia can easily provide help to our neighbours in line with our international promises. To help pay for it, the Greens are calling on the government to scrap the tax cuts for big business, which would save $16 billion over ten years, and to remove the diesel fuel rebate for mining corporations that’s worth about $2 billion a year.



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