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Daily greyhound racing death toll comes to NSW parliament

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 21 Mar 2016

The Greens joined community members and their dogs outside NSW Parliament today with a display of 47 empty collars in an effort to urge the state Liberal-National government to support a ban on greyhound racing in this state. Photos are attached and high-res photos available upon request. 

According to evidence presented to the Special Commission of Inquiry, up to 47 greyhounds are killed each day across Australia because they are no longer wanted by the racing industry.

Greens NSW MP and Animal Welfare Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi said: “Today the grim reality of greyhound racing was brought to NSW Parliament. 

“The economics of the greyhound racing industry relies on killing 13,000 to 17,000 dogs every year. That’s up to 47 dogs each day. 

“Greyhounds are no different to the family dog. They deserve the care of a loving family, not inevitable death when they don’t run fast enough.

“The evidence presented to the Special Commission of Inquiry demonstrates the greyhound racing industry in incapable of operating without animal abuse. 

“Whatever the recommendations from the Special Commission of Inquiry, it is clear that greyhound racing has lost its social licence to operate. 

“No amount of reform can end the abuse inflicted on dogs and other animals in the greyhound racing industry. 

“Premier Mike Baird has a choice. He can support the Greens bill to shut the greyhound racing down in an orderly fashion or allow the industry to crumble in the face of falling public support,” Dr Faruqi said. 

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon said: “Greyhounds exported to jurisdictions like Macau experience a short and brutal life.

“It is critical that local participants looking to exit the local industry are not allowed to export their dogs to an almost certain death overseas. 

“Animals Australia shone a much needed spotlight on the treatment of greyhounds in South Asia last December. Since then the flow of Australian dogs to Macau has virtually dried up.  

“There is little doubt that greyhound racing participants are waiting for the spotlight to fade so they can continue selling their dogs to the notorious Canidrome.  

‘Dogs will continue to suffer until the industry export ban is enshrined in federal law and rigorously enforced,” said Senator Rhiannon. 

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