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Campaign launch: Greens gather their allies to defend public higher education

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 13 Jan 2015

The Greens have launched a new campaign that allows current students, future students and their allies to let key cross bench Senators know the enormity of their vote if they support the Abbott Government's education cuts and deregulation.

Greens spokesperson for higher education Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"The Abbott government is waging a war on public education in Australia and we are gathering our allies to fight back to defend it.

"There are more than one million university students in Australia, which means there are more than one million reasons why the crossbench should vote against the Abbott government's higher education cuts.

"When key cross bench Senators like Ricky Muir start receiving thousands of postcards from students and future students who are going to be affected by the Abbott government's regressive and elitist higher education bill, I hope that he will understand what is at stake.

"Public education is the future of Australia. Education is about increasing opportunity for all. 

"The next federal election will be fought on higher education if the Abbott government cuts 20 percent of university funding and student debt rises to the $100 000 degree mark," said Senator Rhiannon.

Contact - Brami Jegan 0478 350 880

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