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Bob Day still has questions to answer

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 1 Nov 2016
Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon says former Senator Bob Day still has many outstanding questions to answer. 
“Bob Day will be remembered as the Senator who bankrolled his own political career with questionable political donations. Now we know that these donations were made around the same time that his building empire was leaving many, many people in financial ruin.

"It is difficult to tell exactly how much Day has donated due to loopholes in legislation and Family First's careless accounting, but our best guess is that he has donated over $2m since 2009-10. 

“There are many outstanding questions that Mr Day has to answer around the money that has flowed between him, his private company and Family First. 
“In June the Greens’ Democracy for Sale project found significant irregularities in the disclosure of donations and loans made by Bob Day and his private company. 
“After looking at the party returns it became clear that Family First was not accurately disclosing its incoming and outgoing money. 
“Party records from 2012-13 show a $1.4 million debt to B & B Day Pty Ltd, which Family First now claims was forgiven the following year.
“Forgiving this loan effectively turns it into a $1.4 million political donation. Day has still not lodged an amended return to reflect this. 
“As we have seen time and time again, transparency around political donations is clearly not enough. We need strict caps on individual political donations,” Senator Rhiannon said.
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