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Big win for students, staff, community - Abbott govt's elitist higher education plan voted down

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 3 Dec 2014

The Australian Greens have welcomed the defeat of the Abbott government's higher education cuts that would have left students with 100k debts and massive cuts to university funding.

"This is a significant win for the tens of thousands of students, staff, and the education unions who have run such a strong and visible campaign for the past few months.

"The Greens opposed these cuts from day one and are proud to have stood with the advocates for public universities right from moment these cuts were announced in the May budget.

"By defeating the Pyne bill the Senate has blocked the Abbott government's plan to strip $5 billion out of our public universities.

"I am looking forward to the future debate on higher education reform, free from the threat of increased student fees and funding cuts, where all options - including increased public funding to universities and free higher education are considered.

"I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate for a future in which every single Australian has an equal opportunity to obtain a higher education, regardless of their parents' bank balance.



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