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Big win for animals - cruelty free cosmetics bill starts journey into law

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 1 Jun 2017

The introduction into the federal parliament of legislation that takes the first step towards ending the testing of cosmetics on animals is a great credit to the nationwide community and Greens campaign, Senator Lee Rhiannon the Greens animal welfare spokesperson said. 

“It is significant that the federal government is now backing a bill that will bring Australia closer to the European Union’s ban on cosmetic animal testing and the Greens End Cruel Cosmetics Bill,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

“This has been a hard fought campaign that has won strong and diverse community support over the past decade. 

“The Greens End Cruel Cosmetics Bill, introduced into the Senate four years ago, has provided a legislative framework for what is now before the parliament. 

“While the government bill deserves the support of all MPs and Senators the Greens will move amendments to strengthen the regulatory process and close current loopholes that the new bill does not tackle. 

“The Greens remain committed to ensuring that Australia joins the European Union and other nations to completely end the use of animals in the cosmetics testing industry. 

“This achievement is testimony to strong community action and the hard work of Be Cruelty Free Australia, Humane Research Australia, Humane Society International and other animal welfare groups.

“There has also been significant involvement from many political parties. 

“I pay credit to Bruce Poon and his colleagues in Animal Justice Party, Jason Wood and Senator Anne Ruston in the government and Deputy Leader of the opposition Tanya Plibersek for their support for cruelty free cosmetics,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

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