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Baird comes begging for multimillion-dollar reward for privatising social housing

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 26 Sep 2016

In the wake of the recent Productivity Commission report which outlined a plan to privatise public health and housing, the NSW government will seek multimillion dollar reward payments from the Turnbull government to privatise social housing. 

The Greens say the Productivity Commission’s privatisation plan for social housing would be a recipe for increased inequality.

“The Turnbull government is on a warpath to privatise and defund social housing, against the best advice of public and social housing stakeholders and fuelled by their fact-free devotion to the market,” Greens housing spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said. 

“We can learn from the failure of the NSW government’s Going Home Staying Home reforms and we can learn from the failure of Labor’s botched VET reforms that privatisation is a bad idea. 

“We can also learn from decades of failure under competitive and profit-driven models imposed on human services. 

“Baird is eager to continue his public housing firesale, and now is chomping at the bit for multi-million dollar privatisation reward payments from the Turnbull government. 

“Even if you share the Turnbull government’s obsession with markets, privatising the social housing sector in the name of ‘consumer choice’ makes little sense given the enormous shortfall of supply. We have failed to build enough homes and we have failed to invest in public housing. 

“The provision of adequate, affordable housing is the obligation of government and a responsible government would invest in social housing, not privatise it.

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