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Badgerys Creek airport is dud deal

The Greens say Badgery’s Creek airport is a dud deal for Western Sydney. 
The federal government on Monday signed off on what it says is the final document that clears the way for construction to begin on Sydney's second airport at Badgerys Creek.
Greens NSW spokesperson for transport Dr Mehreen Faruqi MP said, “Imposing a 24/7 airport on the people of Western Sydney with all the associated air pollution and transport problems is why the Greens say this is a dud deal. 
“Jobs for Western Sydney will come from investment in public transport, manufacturing, renewable energy and a strong TAFE system.
“Western Sydney needs real public transport links and infrastructure to ensure sustainable job growth into the future, such as the Parramatta Light Rail and an expansion of heavy rail.
“Badgerys Creek second airport is not the solution to jobs and infrastructure in Western Sydney,” Dr Faruqi said. 
Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon said, “There are many serious questions about the environmental, social and economic impacts of this airport.
“Clearly the federal and state Liberal-National governments have no commitment to addressing Western Sydney’s need for sustainable jobs, public transport and clean air or protecting the World Heritage of the Blue Mountains National Park which is now under threat. 
“The decision of the federal government to tick off on final approval with no information on final flight paths, fuel transport from Mascot to WSA and managing the noise pollution highlights the disregard being shown to the people of Western Sydney. 
“The case for a second airport at Badgerys Creek just does not stack up. Sydney needs transformative, smart solutions and this is not one of them.
“I am sure the community protests and campaigns will continue and the Greens will be there in support,” Senator Rhiannon said. 
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