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Australian Greens statement on Norfolk Island

Lee Rhiannon 27 May 2016

The Australian Greens have significant concerns about the changes to Norfolk Island’s governance and the way these changes have been implemented. We note reports that a motion calling for a referendum was supported by eight votes to one in Norfolk Island’s parliament. We also note reports that a popular vote calling for a referendum was supported by an overwhelming majority.

The Australian Greens support people having a meaningful say in their governance. We are concerned that the people of Norfolk Island have not had a meaningful say in these changes. Effective parliamentary representation will also be difficult if Norfolk Island’s representation is based in Canberra. We are especially concerned that the laws of NSW will be applied to Norfolk Island yet the people of Norfolk Island have been granted no voting rights in that state. The Australian Greens believe that this is a denial of Norfolk Island's democratic right to have a direct say in the laws that govern them.

We are closely monitoring developments, including the petition to the UN Special Committee on Decolonisation and will raise this matter in the next Parliament. 

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