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Analysis of the count for the last spot in 2010 NSW Senate election

Lee Rhiannon 20 Aug 2013

In the last week, there have been incorrect claims about how I become an elected representative of the people of  NSW in the 2010 federal election. 

I received enough primary votes and minor party preferences to reach a Senate quota without preferences from the Liberals, Nationals or Shooters and Fishers.

Here is a breakdown of the stats:

The Senate quota in NSW in 2010 fed election was 593,123 votes.

When Glenn Druery from Liberal Democrats was excluded it came down to two candidates left standing in the race for the last seat - Lee Rhiannon and Steve Hutchins (Labor).

At the point where Druery's preferences and all the preferences from other groups he had accumulated were about to be distributed Lee was on 494,658 votes.

Lee then received ticket vote preferences from the Democrats 26,116, Australian Sex party 69,668, Senator on Line 2,530 and Group T Indepedents 1,372. This took Lee to 594,344 which is just over the quota. 

The preferences from the Liberal party were not relevant to determining who won.

Lee would still have won even if the Liberals had preferenced Labor. Their preference allocation simply made the margin of the Greens win comfortable rather than narrow.

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