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About Lee Rhiannon

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Lee Rhiannon 1 Jul 2011

Lee is now the Greens Senator for NSW

Lee is well-known for her energetic work in the environment and social justice movement over four decades.

She was a Greens MP in the NSW Upper House from 1999 -2010, actively pursuing reform in areas like the environment, public education, transport and industrial relations. Before working with the Greens Lee co-founded and spent five years as Director of AID/WATCH which scrutinises Australia's overseas aid program. She was co-ordinator of the NSW Coalition for Gun Control and member of the NSW government's Women's Advisory Council. Lee trained as a zoologist and botanist.

As a NSW Greens MP over the last decade Lee has campaigned to clean up the corrupting influence of political donations. The Greens Democracy4Sale project has exposed how donations distort democracy and driven electoral funding reform in NSW.

Lee has also worked closely with local communities to build strong campaigns on:

  • the environmental and social damage caused by coal mining and a future beyond coal
  • better funded public services such as education, health and transport
  • stronger environmental protection, including an end to the logging of native forests
  • sustainable jobs to build a strong economy
  • more open, transparent and accountable government.


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