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Abbott urged to make Liberals come clean on suspected crime link to Liberal fundraising

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 23 May 2014

Responding to today's report that a suspected mafia figure was involved in fund raising for a 2013 Liberal Party marginal seat election campaign, Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens democracy spokesperson said:

"Liberal Party leaders should open up their accounts for public scrutiny.

"These are very serious accusations linking a number of state and federal Liberal MPs with a person police describe as involved in murder, arson and other crimes.

"The weak disclosure laws introduced by former Prime Minister John Howard are being used by the Liberals to avoid scrutiny of who donated to this fundraiser.

"Going on the Liberal's track record, which is one of working to hide their political donations, it is unlikely they will do the right thing.

"I will pursue this at Senate Budget Estimates next week with a series of questions.

"If the Liberal Party leaders do not move quickly on this latest donation scandal the stench of corruption activities similar to what is being revealed in NSW will start to envelope senior MPs from other states and federally.

"The Prime Minister should require Victorian and National party officials to open the books and come clean on how this event was organised, who donated and who attended.

"This latest donation scandal further underlines the needs for a National ICAC, bans on donations from for profit organisations and uniform electoral funding laws across the country

"Liberal Party leaders will only fuel concerns about their fund raising activities if they do not open up on this fund raising event.

"These allegations warrant a response from Prime Minister Tony Abbott as well as leaders of the Liberal Party following suggestions that the proceeds of crime boosted the Liberals 2013 election war chest.

"If the Prime Minister is serious about cleaning up politics and introducing greater transparency he will act quickly and direct his party officials to come clean.

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