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Abbott government's backer of deregulation was Chair of failed for-profit education provider Vocation

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 28 Jan 2015

Commenting on reports that John Dawkins is backing deregulation, Greens spokesperson for higher education Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"John Dawkins was a former chairman and shareholder of a private for profit vocational education and training company - Vocation - that is now subject to three class-action lawsuits and reportedly may never trade again.

"Mr Dawkins' endorsement of deregulation shows just how desperate the Abbott government is.

"Further, the majority of students and families would not think that $50 000 or $100 000 fees is "small or unremarkable" - a comment made by Mr Dawkins in regards to allowing universities to charge different levels of fees.

"Exorbitant student debt will not be a problem for Mr Dawkins who dismantled free higher education in Australia. Nor will it be a problem for Prime Minister Tony Abbott or Coalition MPs. It will be everyday students and families who will be severely disadvantaged by deregulation.

"Mr Abbott should drop his bill, which may now have lost the support of even Senator Leyonhjelm and Senator Day, or take his elitist neoliberal education plan to an election.

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