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Abbott delivers final twist of the knife to aid program

Responding to reports that the Abbott government has removed poverty alleviation as a goal of Australia’s foreign aid program, Greens international aid and development spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

 “Australia has dealt yet another savage blow to the world’s poorest by removing poverty reduction from the goals of the foreign aid budget.

 “There seems to be no limit to the Coalition’s harsh and selfish attitude towards our aid program.

 “All the Coalition have done since taking office is to trash Australia’s ethical and humanitarian responsibility to alleviate global poverty bit by bit.

 “Prime Minister Abbott’s first statement after being sworn in - ‘we won’t forget those who are often marginalised’ - has been exposed as another hollow sentiment given how his government has savaged Australia’s aid program.

 “Australians understand the importance of a strong, international aid program that works to alleviate poverty in our region and the Greens will work with the community to fight these cuts every step of the way.

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