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Abbott to be bladed out if he fails to act on Bishop chopper scandal

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 20 Jul 2015

Senator Lee Rhiannon Greens democracy spokesperson:

"Prime Minister Tony Abbott's probation plan for Bronwyn Bishop is meaningless. He should both refer it to the AFP and ask her to stand aside as Speaker until the issue of her allowance misuse is resolved.

"This ongoing saga is damaging not just to the Abbott government but also to the standing of office of the Speaker.

"If Mr Abbott fails to act he will add to the growing perception that he heads a party of rich white folks who are not just out of touch with how ordinary people live but also don't care what those people think.

"Bronwyn Bishop's $5000 misuse of parliamentary entitlements should be handled in the same manner as the AFP investigation into former speaker Peter Slipper's use of his parliamentary $900 Cabcharge allowance.

"Prior to Mrs Bishop's chopper scandal her impartiality was under a cloud. Now her integrity is as well.

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