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Abbott’s Horror Budget is an Assault on Regional NSW

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 14 May 2014

Australian Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon has today slammed Tony Abbott’s budget, which protects big business while slugging people in regional NSW.

“This budget will make sweeping cuts to government services across regional NSW, while the big end of town gets off scot-free,” said Senator Rhiannon.

“Instead of tackling fossil fuel subsidies or corporate welfare, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey would see people in regional NSW bear the brunt of cuts. Universities, health services, and young people looking for work are all on Mr Abbott’s hit list.

“The inequity in our higher education system is set to get worse with plans to massively increase student fees and increase interest rates on HECS debt.

“Regional university students will find it harder to pay for housing, transport and day to day education costs as a result of the fee increase. 

“The Coalition’s plans to slug sick people $7 every time they visit the GP, get an x-ray or a blood test is the end of Medicare as we know it and will devastate regional communities, where it’s already hard enough to see a doctor. 

 “We should be investing in education and building up Medicare. Instead, this budget is an assault on the people of the Blue Mountains,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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