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6000 stolen guns – time to tighten firearm laws

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 5 Dec 2016
Today’s news that over 6000 guns have been reported as stolen across Australia between 2013 and 2015 must be a call for action, the Greens say. 
National data obtained by Gun Control Australia shows that the majority of firearms stolen were hunting rifles (category A) and general hunting shotguns (category B). 
Greens Gun Control Spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said: “The issue of stolen firearms, which find their way into the illicit gun market, is something federal and state governments urgently need to address. 
“There is a particularly low recovery rate for stolen firearms, and this is of course a serious issue for both the community and for law enforcement.
“The NSW Government has taken precious time coming to a cabinet position on the Adler while they tried to secure a seat in the Orange by-election but this Friday they have an opportunity to look at the evidence, listen to the experts and listen to official police advice. 
Greens NSW MP and Gun Control Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:
"I am in the US at the moment seeing how politicians have been nobbled by the gun lobby, meanwhile this is exactly what is happening at home with the NSW Police Minister Troy Grant.
“It's pretty clear that the Orange by-election result and a hostile party room has produced Premier Baird’s weasel words on this issue. But there is no excuse for compromising the safety of our communities in order to protect his political skin.
"With more than 1,400 guns stolen in NSW the last 2 years and the official police advice warning against the importation of the Adler, Premier Baird needs to take accept the expert advice and not cave in to political threats from the Nationals.
"The police say the Adler shotgun needs to be a category D firearm, so what on earth is the NSW Police Minister doing trying to have it as a low risk category B weapon? Troy Grant is proving himself unfit for office," Mr Shoebridge said.
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