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$56m funding of political parties highlights time to ban private money spend on elections

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 9 Oct 2013

Responding to the Australian Electoral Commission’s release of public funding to political parties, Senator Lee Rhiannon the Australian Greens Spokesperson for Democracy said,

“The AEC’s announcement that $56 million of public funding has been provided to political parties and independents for the 2013 election, puts the spotlight on the need for electoral funding reform that restricts the amount of private money used in elections and places caps on election expenditure.

“The Greens strongly support public funding of elections as a way to make a more even playing field come election time. 

“The AEC is a great Australian institution that ensures the integrity of our electoral process. Our democracy could be enhanced by restricting political parties accepting millions of dollars from private businesses. The current electoral funding system should be reformed by banning donations from for-profit organisations, capping donations from individuals and not-for-profits, and limiting election expenditure.

2013 federal election payment to political parties and candidates.

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