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$300 million for RAAF base, but residents and workers need protection

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon has commented on Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne’s announcement of a further $300 million of extended defence contracts at Williamtown RAAF base. 

Minister Pyne failed to provide any detail when he states that the Coalition government was ‘very concerned’ about the contamination issue and that government agencies were working with Defence to support the community. 

“It is almost one year since the community were first notified about the contamination, and the sense of frustration is immense. 

"Pyne should walk a few hundred metres off the base and go and talk to the community about what they are going through. 

“The Greens want to see all excavation works on the Williamtown RAAF base suspended until a thorough investigation of the impact of PFC contamination at the site is made public. 

“We do not want to see the issue exacerbated due to upgrades, and we share the concerns of hydrologists and community action groups that sand mining and excavation workers may interfere with ground water flow and mobilise contaminants.  

“Importantly, we want to make sure that all current and former workers on and nearby the RAAF base, including Defence’s own staff and contractors, are given a thorough briefing of the issues and are supported with ample information and health tests. Anything less is negligent. 

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