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13 000 live export animals stuck in port – continuing cruelty inexcusable

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 6 Jan 2016

Greens animal welfare spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said: "This is the fifth time a live export ship carrying Australian animals has broken down in the last two years. This continuing cruelty of live exports is inexcusable.

"Temperatures are set to reach 37 degrees tomorrow in Fremantle. Each day the ship is stranded, means another day of agony for the sheep and cattle stuck on that ship.

"Ending live exports should not be a political game. Australians remember all too clearly the thousands of live export animals that have perished and thousands more that have been exposed to horrific treatment.

"The Turnbull government must invest in a box chilled meat industry to protect jobs and move to end live exports.

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