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Estimates: Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet: Prime Minister and Cabinet Portfolio

Monday, 27 February 2017

CHAIR: Thank you. Senator Rhiannon.

Senator RHIANNON: I have some issues to deal with on the Prime Minister's statement of ministerial standards. I wanted to ask about the Prime Minister's statement of ministerial standards, Minister, and the cooling-off period for former ministers during which they are not allowed to lobby the government.

Senator Brandis: Yes.

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Senate Estimates: Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee: Attorney-General's Portfolio (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner)

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Senator RHIANNON: Attorney-General, in May this year at the Senate estimates you said that the 2014 decision to abolish the OAIC was 'a good economy measure—and we have not changed our minds'. In what way, and to what extent, was it a good economy measure?

Senator Brandis: Well, we have changed our minds since, and I am pleased we have.

Senator RHIANNON: Sorry, could you repeat that.

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Estimates: Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee (Australian Federal Police)

Senator RHIANNON: Commissioner, when AFP personnel travel overseas on official business with family or friends, do the family and friends have to be given a security clearance?

Mr Colvin : The only time that AFP would travel overseas with family, certainly not with friends-are you talking official travel?

Senator RHIANNON: Yes, official travel.

Mr Colvin : I could not imagine a reason they would be travelling officially with friends, unless they were officials as well.

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Estimates: Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee (Australian Federal Police)

Senator RHIANNON: With regard to the advice given to ministers and the Prime Minister with regard to events they attend—you spoke about the consultation that was undertaken—are there any specific protocols or guidelines used to judge when an event warrants advice to senior members of government not to attend, or is it on a case by case basis, or is it when requests come from the minister's o

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Take back torture comments, Senate urges Prime Minister

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be asked to justify his remarks excusing torture in Sri Lanka following the success of an Australian Greens motion today.

The motion by Senator Penny Wright and Senator Lee Rhiannon called on Mr Abbott to retract his comments that 'we accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances difficult things happen' and was passed with the support of the opposition.

"There are absolutely no circumstances where torture is justifiable," Australian Greens spokesperson on Human Rights Senator Wright said.

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Motion calling on the Prime Minister to retract his comments on torture

We move that the Senate

1.       notes that

a.       10 December is Human Rights Day, proclaimed by the United Nations' General Assembly in 1950;

b.      on 15 November 2013 the Prime Minister said, regarding reports of torture by Sri Lankan security forces, that 'we accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances difficult things happen'; and

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Major parties baulk at national gun reform, fail to condemn shooting in NSW national parks

 In the shadow of legislation passed in the NSW Upper House which allows recreational hunters to shoot feral animals in designated national parks and reserves, Labor and the Coalition parties today voted against a Greens Senate motion condemning this move and calling on the Attorney General to strengthen national gun laws.

The motion below was moved by Greens Senators Penny Wright and Lee Rhiannon.

Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs, Senator Penny Wright, said strengthening uniform gun laws would help increase public safety.

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Federal firearm reform needed to reign in NSW gun culture: Greens

The Australian Greens will today call on Attorney-General Nicola Roxon to get on with the job that former Prime Minister John Howard started and tighten uniform national gun laws, in response to the O'Farrell government's deal making with the Shooters Party and today's ongoing debate of legislation allowing recreational hunters into 79 national parks and reserves.

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