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Greens call for an end to live exports with meatworkers union, vet whistleblower 

Today Greens spokesperson for industry and animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon introduced the Greens bill to phase out live animal exports. Senator Rhiannon was joined by officials from the meatworkers union (AMIEU Newcastle & Northern branch) and veterinarian and Australian live exports whistleblower Dr Lynn Simpson. 
Vets Against Live Export (VALE) and animal welfare groups Sentient, Humane Society International, Voiceless, RSPCA Australia, and Animals Australia have also given their support. 
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Estimates: Environment and Communications Legislation Committee: Environment and Energy Portfolio: Department of the Environment and Energy

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Senator RHIANNON: The ANOA undertook an audit of the department of the environment's management and compliance arrangements governing the wildlife trade. I have a few questions first off there. Is there available annual reporting on the implementation of recommendations that is public?

Mr Murphy: We do reporting internally in the department to our department's audit committee on our progress in implementing our response to the audit recommendations. But there is no separate public report made.

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Motion: Live Animal Exports

Thursday 15 June

Senator RHIANNON (New South Wales) (12:19): I seek leave to amend general business notice of motion No. 342 standing in my name.

Leave granted.

Senator RHIANNON: I move the motion as amended:

That the Senate—

(a) recognises that:

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Senate supports blocking live export of horses, donkeys and ponies for slaughter

The Senate has passed a joint motion by Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon and Senator Derryn Hinch calling on the Turnbull government to ensure there will be no live export of equines for slaughter.
“We are concerned that the Turnbull government may open the door for the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys for slaughter. That would be a disaster,” Senator Rhiannon said. 
“Animal welfare groups have seen an exposure draft order that would legalise such live exports.
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Estimates: Community Affairs Legislation Committee: Health Portfolio: Department of Health

Monday 29 May

CHAIR: Before I move to Senator Leyonhjelm, Senator Rhiannon wanted some clarification around exactly where some questions related to—

Senator RHIANNON: Yes, to do with the testing of cosmetics on animals and the announcement that was in the budget.

Mr Bowles: That is NICNAS the chemicals regulator. I do not think they are even down to appear so we can take anything on notice, if you would like.

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Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee: Agriculture and Water Resources Portfolio: Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Wednesday 24 May

Senator RHIANNON: Dr Clegg, I want to clarify some of the points that you were just discussing with Senator Hinch. I am trying to understand where it is at with regard to the formulation of regulations. Is there a draft equine amendment order that is being inserted into the current regulations that cover these matters?

Dr Clegg : No. The first step for us is to have agreement that this is a policy proposal worth pursuing. Then, if it is agreed, we would put forward draft regulations to the minister.

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Big win for animals - cruelty free cosmetics bill starts journey into law

The introduction into the federal parliament of legislation that takes the first step towards ending the testing of cosmetics on animals is a great credit to the nationwide community and Greens campaign, Senator Lee Rhiannon the Greens animal welfare spokesperson said. 

“It is significant that the federal government is now backing a bill that will bring Australia closer to the European Union’s ban on cosmetic animal testing and the Greens End Cruel Cosmetics Bill,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

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